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Volunteer Opportunities

Unique to our Club in the community we have created. To be part of the San Francisco Glens is to be part of a special community.

In order to keep our fees as low as possible while supporting a growing community based club with lofty goals, each family is required to help the Club by volunteering 5 hours a season, unless they opt out by paying a fee in the registration process. 

Volunteers will be asked to take on various jobs depending on team and Club needs. Preferences will be considered, but we may not be able accommodate.

-The first step is for the coaches to select a team parent, then the team parent should assign the remaining volunteers.

-Coaches, Team Parents, please let Kathlyn Quinn know who has been assigned positions on your team so the spreadsheet can be updated.

Thank you for your support.


  • Team Parents / Managers
  • Club Equipment Manager
  • Event Volunteers

Please contact Michelle Spinner at

Go Glens!