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Volunteer Opportunities

Unique to our Club is the community we have created. To be part of the San Francisco Glens is to be apart of a special community.

In order to keep our fees as low as possible while supporting a growing community based club with lofty goals, each family is required to help the Club by volunteering 5 hours a season, unless they opt out by paying a fee in the registration process.

How Can I Volunteer

There are several ways to volunteer for the SF Glens with several events scheduled across the season and even more planned for the future!  We are always welcoming any volunteers who look to make the Glens an outstanding community club.

Team Parent
The team parent's responsibility is to be the source of communication for the team.  All team news and events will be sent from the Team Parent to the rest of the team.  The Team Parent will also be in charge of the Team Snap account, our team management app.  For more info on Team Parent roles, please visit the link
Max 2 per team

Parent Volunteer Coach/Assistant Coach
Volunteer Coaches are responsible for being the coach for a season.  The coach will attend games, bringing player cards and team rosters to every game.  As for practices, the club will offer a trainer if desired.  The purpose of a trainer is to ensure that the SF Glens curriculum is being followed throughout the season and that the players are learning the necessary concepts and skills to move to the next level.  The Volunteer Coach model will only apply in the Recreational Program. 
Assistant Coaches are parent volunteers who would like to volunteer their time to help the Head Coach at trainings and matches.  An Assistant Coach must be approved by the Head Coach taking the volunteer position.

Club Photographer
As our club grows, it becomes difficult to cover all games and events.  We are asking parents to volunteer to become Club Photographers to capture the magical moments in our players' careers!  Along with games, the Glens would like photographers to document our events including the 3GI, Rectacular, Gala, St. Patrick's Day Parade, and more!

With grand ambitions and a growing club, fundraising is essential to our abilities to grow and become the best youth soccer club.  Through the season, fundraising volunteers are asked to raise $100.  Fundraising can be done through several ways, ranging from bake sales to online fundraising projects, the options go on.

Grant Writing
The SF Glens are looking for anyone who has prior experience with grant writing.  With thousands of institutions in the Bay Area, it would make a massive impact to connect with our neighbors and push the Glens to the next level.

Event Volunteer (DIBS)
Throughout each season, there are several events the SF Glens organize from tournaments to BBQs.  To sign up to volunteer for any event, click on the DIBS link on the top right portion of the page and find your event!  Here are a list of events by season.


  • Glens Golden Gate Invitationol - San Francisco's Premier Youth Soccer Tournament
  • RECtacular - San Francisco's only Recreational Youth Soccer Tournament
  • Glens Gala - End of the season club Gala.  This year's guest of honor: Ray Houghton


  • St. Patrick's Day Parade / Float - Every year the Glens construct a float for San Francisco's St. Patrick's Day Parade.  At the parade, all Glens players and families are welcome to join us!
  • End of Season Club BBQ - Our annual, end of the season BBQ to celebrate the past Fall and Spring seasons
  • Micro World Cup - A jamboree for micro soccer teams across San Francisco

Please direct Volunteering questions to:

Benkay Kajihara

Benkay Kajihara

Director of Youth Development & Tournament Director