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A Pathway to College and the Pros

We take pride in giving opportunities to their players to maximize their potential at the highest levels available. 

Whether that means promoting players from our Glens Academy or Second, Third, or Fourth Teams in the SFSFL up to our First Team in USL League Two, or sending them from our First Team to MLS and the professional ranks, we are all about development and paving a pathway to success.

To understand how far we've come from our humble beginnings, a little history.


Our SF Glens Academy on the youth side is relatively new. We started it in 2011 with just two Under-11 teams and built it out the old-fashioned way, adding younger teams beneath that level as they progressed in age. Over time, we grew to nearly 70 teams and over 1,000 players, and in 2019, we saw the fruits of that painstaking process as that original U11 group finally made it to the finish line in the youth pyramid. Those who persevered all the way through the journey became part of our very first Under-19 "graduating class." 

Today, we're the only youth club in San Francisco to have all age groups in MLS NEXT (U13-U19 Boys) and the new USL Academy (U17-U20 Boys and Girls), in addition to NPL Club Status (U12-U19). We also have teams in NorCal Premier and players in their PDP, players in Cal North's ODP, SF Youth Soccer's Upper House and Recreational Leagues, a Junior Glens Micro Soccer program, and Competitive Futsal. See the pathway below for a visual or visit our SF Glens Academy site HERE.


Meanwhile, the adult side has been fielding amateur teams in the historic SFSFL since the club's founding in 1961. But in 2018, the Glens went a step further, adding a new team in USL League Two to compete in the fourth division of the American soccer hierarchy and sit atop our pyramid. Currently, the USL2 team serves as the First Team and the SFSFL teams in the Premier and Majors Divisions serve as the Second and Third Team, respectively.

Since 2019, our club's vision has been vindicated, as scores of Glens alumni along the pyramid have moved on to either playing in college or signed/drafted by professional clubs worldwide. 

With a full pyramid of programs and a Financial Aid program that allows every family access to our club's Academy teams, we are proud to be a club for all San Francisco as we look forward to the future.


Do you want to join our club?

If it's for our Youth Academy, click here.

If it's for one of our Senior Teams (SFSFL or USL League Two), please join our Scouting Database by sharing your information HERE



50 to COLLEGE (Last Glens team played for)

Bard - Peter Mahoney (Glens Academy U19)

California - Adrian Guzman (USL2 First Team), Jake Himelstein (USL2 First Team, SFSFL Second Team), Kevin Rodriguez# (Glens Academy U19)

Cal State Bakersfield - Kevin Estrada^ (Glens Academy U19, USL2 First Team)

Cal State East Bay - Kelekolio Mateo Jr. (Glens Academy U19, USL2 First Team)

Cal State Monterey Bay - José Madrigal (Glens Academy U19)

Canisius - Jason Hernández# (Glens Academy U19)

Carleton - Ben Pennell (Glens Academy U19)

City College of San Francisco - Ruben Balderas (Glens Academy U19), Takumi Elbert (Glens Academy U19), Sergio Laguna (Glens Academy U19), Kai Nozawa-Auclair (Glens Academy U17), Alejandro Palos (Glens Academy U19)

Creighton - Liam Gilligan (Glens Academy U14)

Dominican U. of California - Diego Grande (Glens Academy U19, USL2 First Team), Devin McNamara-Pittler, Declan O'Flynn (Glens Academy U19), Patrick Zamora (Glens Academy U19, USL Academy U20)

Goucher - Joe May (Glens Academy U19)

Hawai'i Pacific - Montreux Maeder (SFSFL Third Team)

Holy Names - Erick González (Glens Academy U19)

Johns Hopkins - Jonathan Locala# (Glens Academy U19)

Manhattan - Lucas Jones# (Glens Academy U19)

Marian College - Tommy Cooper (Glens Academy U19)

Memphis - Dylan Keller (USL Academy U20)

Oxford College of Emory - Ashwin Giri (Glens Academy U17)

Pomona-Pitzer - Max Dugan (Glens Academy U19)

Puget Sound - Pema Globus (Glens Academy U19)

Rochester - Kol Bassuk (Glens Academy U19)

San Diego State - Xander Sagatelyan (Glens Academy U19, USL2 First Team)

San Jose State - Tony Guzman (Glens Academy U19, USL2 First Team), Angel Iñiguez^ (Glens Academy U19, USL2 First Team)

Santa Barbara CC - Dylan Rogers (Glens Academy U17, USL Academy U20)

SF State - Nando Escobedo (USL2 First Team, USL Academy U20), Julio González Ponce^, Adrian Medina^ (USL2 First Team), Diego Vazquez (SFSFL Second Team)

Skyline - Dennis Campos (Glens Academy U19), Danny Tremillo (Glens Academy U19)

St. Mary's - Dodé Sanjaya (Glens Academy U19)

UCLA - Eric Pearce (Glens Academy U19, USL2 First Team)

UC Santa Cruz - Asger Abildren (USL Academy U20, SFSFL U23), Dalton Cleary (Glens Academy U19, SFSFL Third Team), Sora Konishi-Gray (SFSFL Second Team)

UMass-Lowell - Milan Rosic (USL2 First Team)

USF - Shayan Charalaghi (USL2 First Team), Matthew Duggan (Glens Academy U19, USL2 First Team), Kian Jones (Glens Academy U19, USL2 First Team)

Western Washington - Miles Keane# (Glens Academy U19)

^also played with our partner club Bay City FC



25 to PROS (Last Glens team played for)

Atlanta United 2 (USL Championship) - Amir Bashti (USL2 First Team)

ASC San Diego (NISA) - Corey Lundeen (USL2 First Team)

Bay Cities FC (NISA) - Rei Dorwart (USL2 First Team, SFSFL Second Team), Andrew Paoli (USL2 First Team)

Chattanooga Red Wolves (USL League One) - Isaiah Dargan (USL2 First Team)

DC United (MLS) - Shinya Kadono* (USL2 First Team)

FC Dallas (MLS) - Sam Ebstein* (USL2 First Team)

FC Helsingør (Denmark) - Aydan Bowers (USL2 First Team)

FC Tucson (USL League One) - Tyler Moss (USL2 First Team)

Houston Dynamo (MLS) - Sam Junqua* (USL2 First Team)

Inter Miami (MLS) - Drake Callender% (USL2 First Team)

Longford Town FC (Ireland) - Luke Dennison (USL2 First Team)

Louisville City FC (USL Championship) - Arda Bulut (USL2 First Team)

Minnesota United FC (MLS) - Nabi Kibunguchy* (USL2 First Team)

New England Revolution (MLS) - Simon Lekressner*% (USL2 First Team)

New Mexico United (USL Championship) - Kyle Colonna (USL2 First Team)

New York Red Bulls (MLS) - Roy Boateng* (USL2 First Team), Zach Ryan (USL2 First Team)

Oakland Roots SC (USL Championship/NISA) - Yohannes Harish, Jonny Orozco, Josiah Romero (USL2 First Team); Salifu Jatta (SFSFL Second Team)

Reno 1868 FC (USL Championship) - Andrew Konstantino (USL2 First Team)

San Jose Earthquakes (MLS) - Cruz Medina^ (Glens Academy U13)

San Jose Earthquakes II (MLS NEXT Pro) - C.J. Grey (USL2 First Team)

*selected in MLS SuperDraft

%signed with Glens but did not play an official game

^also played with our partner club Bay City FC


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